"Nice spot for sunset.... sushi isn't so bad either!"

When I saw on arrival that my hotel had a sushi bar in the rooftop restaurant, I knew exactly where I was going for dinner!! I arrived shortly before sunset, and was seated at a small table facing out the window. I ordered the edamame (slightly more firm than I like), ebi nigiri, and a "tempura special roll". The tempura special roll had Eli tempura inside, with a sweet brown sauce on top, topped with shrimp salad (picture tuna salad, but with shrimp). It looked awkward, in a pretty "what the heck is this going to taste like" sort of way. But it actually wasn't bad at all!! Oh, and the sunset was pretty awesome. It was a little weird when they dimmed the lights though..... Note: they offer a "Hungry Hour" discount of 25% from 5-7pm daily.

Reviewed 1st of May, 2017