TripAdvisor review on Ren Chai; "Best Chinese restaurant I've been to in my life"

Ren Chai is the best Chinese restaurant I've ever been to. First off, the place is very elegant. There is a small pond with some fish behind glass, nice music, and many other small things that make the place beautiful. Now, there is one dish that many Chinese restaurants serve, a chicken and broccoli served with brown sauce and rice. However, it was not on the menu. I still asked the waitress (Her name was Raquel) if they had it. She replied no, but said THAT THEY WOULD BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO STILL MAKE IT. Wow. We have went there more than 6 times now. Every time, the waitress Raquel had us, and she REMEMBERED MY ORDER EVERY TIME. This is the order that wasn't even on the menu. She remembered my order, and my family's order as well. That is dedication. They bring amazing chips for free as an appetizer (fish chips, I believe) with some sauces. But the last time we visited provoked me to make this review. They brought my food in HALF the time they normally do. Raquel (apologies if spelled wrong) is such an amazing waitress at such an amazing restaurant –Michael

Reviewed 3rd of November, 2017