Tripadvisor review on Kebab Express; "Please try to enjoy one of the best meals in Amman!"
"I stayed in Amman for 10 days for work and the only place to eat was the food court at the Taj Mall. I discovered Kebab Express in the last few days of my stay and I strongly recommend it to everyone missing delicious food from home! Having eaten KFC for almost a week I thought of trying this place and was amazed by the taste and the quantity! We ordered the grilled chicken for 2 thinking the quantity will be just enough for each one of us to eat. However what came in front of us was unbelievable! that could have been lunch and dinner. It was a platter of grilled chicken, Arabic bread (5 pcs), salad (fattoush), fries, garlic dip, a bowl of lemon dip to name a few."

Reviewed on 5th of November, 2012