MealAdvisors review on August 12th, 2012, on The Qyard; "in all, a very recommended Iftar experience"

"12 of us were invited to have Iftar at q-yard today. We were there 20 minutes before Iftar time, we sat down and the basic appetizers were already set on the table: yoghut, juice, hummus, labaneh, breat, dates, etc. Great idea to have the items on the table so that no everyone rush to the buffet in the same time, some will break fast with those items while some rushed to the buffet. Anyways, we had our appetizers, smoked my cigarette and waited for the buffet to become less crowded. The buffet had a huge variety of foods; grilled meat, Italian station, sushi station, shawerma station, falafel station, arabic food lineup and desserts station. All looked good. Most of the food was delicious in general, the items that stood out were: - Penne - Shawerma - Kubbeh with Yoghurt - Coleslaw salad - Grills - Tamreeyeh dessert. Service was relatively good, staff were very friendly and attentive to our needs. The atmosphere was also good, the music was enjoyable..."