CEO Essam Fakhriddin featured in Jordan News, April 6th 2021

Restaurateur reflects on the year of COVID-19”, in the new publication, Jordan News, gave an over view about the general hardships of the past year from Mr. Fakhriddin’s perspective, as Chief Executive Officer of one the leading hospitality companies in Jordan, ATICO Fakhreldin Group. The challenges have surpassed anything he’s seen, although; “we’ve seen so many problems. We’ve seen wars in Palestine, Israel, Syria, Iraq, the financial market collapse. But to be honest, this is absolutely the worst.” Mr. Fakhriddin stressed the importance of recognizing tourism and hospitality as being linked and how important it is to the economy. “Every prime minister we met for the past ten years, the first thing he says about tourism is ‘this is the petrol — the oil (of Jordan)”. “If I was a minister, and I believe that tourism is the most important industry to Jordan, I would give it full support,” Fakhriddin said. “Full support. This would be my top priority, because I’m telling you again, if tourism stays healthy, all other industries will stay healthy.”

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