Principle Activities

Includes investment and operation of hotels and resorts both under franchise agreements and with ATICO Fakhreldin Group’s own development plans. Operating and managing either free standing specialty restaurants, cafés and bars or within existing projects e.g. malls, hotels, resorts. Operating and managing bars, clubs, cafés and entertainment spots with varied themes. Complete event management, which includes creating and designing set–ups with the provision of entertainment. Sponsoring various artists and bands in the Middle East and Europe.


To maintain an outstanding reputation as one of the regions most respected hospitality management companies and to constantly provide first-rate hospitality services in Jordan, the West Bank and Cairo and aim to reach further into the Middle East. We are dedicated to creativity and are driven by an obligation to introduce novel and innovative concepts with creative designs while providing quality with unmatched brands and services to a diverse market.  Within the realm of an engaging and supportive team, we feel confident, capable, and empowered to implement integrity and passion into everything they offer.  We are strong advocates of giving back to the community, by adopting several projects, which support varied initiatives with impaired conditions.


Established by being the premier hospitality management company and a brand of choice, not only locally but within the region. We continuously strive to raise standards for dining and entertainment in order to reshape the perception of the Jordanian and Middle Eastern hospitality industry.  We maintain our strategies with our consistency to provide unique and novel concepts and designs by expanding our brands and services, client base, and our position as a market leader locally and within the region.