ATICO Fakhreldin Group supports SANA organization


ATICO Fakhreldin Group supported the Employment Program, at SANA, which aims to facilitate employment opportunities for young adults with special needs. SANA, also aims to increase the workforce awareness in order to press the rights of the special needs within our local communities.

SANA is a non-governmental organization aimed at helping individuals with intellectual challenges in our communities, leading to better lives. SANA works to provide individuals with special needs the opportunity to be active and influential members within their communities.


SANA is non-governmental organization aimed at helping individuals with intellectual challenges in our communities, leading to better lives. SANA was founded on October 2010 in Jordan. It started out as an initiative by a group of parents and professionals who are passionate and committed to provide individuals with special needs with the opportunity to be active and influential members within their communities. SANA works to help children with intellectual grow in a healthy and safe environment, in a community that accepts them, acknowledges their needs and provides them with the necessary help and services they require to lead prosperous lives.

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